More WSPRs

Parked up in the motorhome at Masterton, New Zealand. Using the Elecraft K2 and a 32ft vertical mounted on the ladder at the back of the motorhome. This is the first callsign I have received with WSPR. No wifi access here so I can’t post the spot to the WSRPnet database. I’m sure I can save the results and post it at a later date. Its all new to me so I will investigate that, but its what I would have done if I had written the software ( I wish ! )

First signal on WSPR, from Germany to New Zealand.

In the couple of hours that this has been running, I have received signals from Europe, Canada and North America. Australia and Cook Islands are a bit close to NZ to make great claims for them, but lots of signals heard on 20 mtrs today.

WSPR saves the most recent decoded information, it overwrites the ” decoded.txt” file. It also transfers the contents of the file to “ALL_WSPR.txt” so nothing is lost. I just need to know how to post that info to the database. I have registered with WSPR website ( applied for registration, as they put it )  and I’m waiting “approval”.



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