The first couple of hours transmitting with 100mW.


18632 km to Belgium from Masterton, NZ.
I hooked up the Elecraft K2 mic socket with an adapter cable, in order to feed in the audio from the laptop. Setting the K2 in VOX mode took away any PTT hardware problems. It worked first time. Thanks to Bill GW4THK, who did the same thing with his Elecraft KX3. The K2 is set for 100mW. 

The antenna is my 32ft vertical on the rear ladder of the motorhome. There are single radials for 20 and 40 mtrs. Its a telescopic fishing pole, spiral wound with thin stranded Teflon coated cable, mounted inside a piece of white water pipe. The pipe is bolted to the ladder with ‘U’ bolts. When collapsed, the antenna is inside the pipe and out of sight. A stainless steel cross bolt holds the fishing pole level with the top of the water pipe when its down. The white pipe sort of blends in with the motorhome colour, so no complaints from Maria, my XYL. Over 18000km with 100mW. I am amazed at the performance of this software. 




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