Hello and welcome to my ‘about me’.
My name is Derwyn. I was born in South Wales UK in 1951.
I qualified as a radio and electronics engineer when I was in my 20’s. By my mid 30`s I had moved from maintenance into design of special purpose machines and automation processes.
I first became licensed as a radio ham in 1981 as GW6GNT. A year os so later I took the 12wpm CW test and consequently got my class A call of GW4SAE.
Having been made redundant in Dec 1999 ( thank you millennium bug ) I was unemployed for a few months then got a position with a local electronics repair company. I was there for 10 years, getting promoted through the ranks, final position being Technical Manager. Redundancy again came along and, being almost 60 years old I feared the worst. But another local repair centre offered me a position working mainly on vintage PLC equipment. In Jan 2011 we came to New Zealand to visit my daughter for 6 weeks and fell in love with the place. In 2012 I was headhunted to start up a new repair centre in Cardiff. This was very successful and I remained working there until I took early retirement in October 2013 and emigrated to NZ. I now live my life travelling around the country with Maria, my long suffering wife of 46 years.


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